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Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing
Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

When you suspect an employee may be under the influence of a substance, it's probably one of the most uncomfortable topics to address.  You may have a drug testing policy, but how you approach employees can feel like you're walking into a mine field.  

Reasonable suspicion testing must be based on the observation of a particular employee who is exhibiting certain behaviors.  Employers need to document objective facts that a reasonable person thinks someone is under the influence through first hand observation.  Workplace Screening Intelligence can help you secure an immediate "for cause" drug or alcohol test. 

Some examples of the signs an employee may observe:


Physical signs to observe:

  • Bloodshot eyes/dilated pupils.
  • Slurred speech or unsteady walk.
  • Unexplained sweating, shivering or tremors.
  • Sleeping at work or difficulty staying wake.
  • Unusual body or breath odor.

Behavioral signs to observe:

  • Attendance problems or tardiness
  • Decline in performance/productivity 
  • Acting withdrawn from others, secretive or being paranoid.
  • Money problems or borrowing or stealing money.
  • Unexplained changes in personality or attitude.

When two or more members of management make observations significant enough to warrant reasonable-suspicion drug testing, the employee should be sent for testing and transporation should be provided if collection is performed off site.   Workplace Screening Intelligence can provide emergency on-site collections for your reasonable suspicion testing.