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Post Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing

There's been a workplace accident.  It could have been as minor as dropped box causing a foot injury sending the employee to urgent care.  Or it could have been serious such as a fatality or loss of limb.  

Testing is used to determine whether drugs or alcohol were a factors in the incident. Post-accident testing should be done as soon as possible after the incident.  The employer's first responsibility is to assure employee is medically treated post accident and then move forward with post accident drug and alcohol testing.

DOT has specific post accident guidelines that must be followed.  Workplace Screening Intelligence can provide emergency post accident testing at your site or at a safe location for testing.

Employers who implement post-accident drug testing set up criteria for how and when testing will occur. Some examples of criteria include fatalities, injuries that required medical assistance, police citations, or damages to a vehicle or property above a specified monetary amount.   Even though the result of a post-accident drug or alcohol test may determine substance use, a positive result in and of itself cannot prove that drug use caused an accident.

Post Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing