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Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing
Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employers may require job applicants to be screened for drug and alcohol use prior to making a job offer or as a contingency for an offer.  You must be consistent in how you drug-test applicants. A company cannot selectively test some applicants for a particular job while not testing others; it’s all or none to ensure fairness.   

Workplace Screening Intelligence offers a variety of employment-related drug and alcohol tests.   We offer the types of drug tests that show the presence of drugs or alcohol including urine drug tests, blood drug and alcohol tests, hair drug tests, breath alcohol tests and  drug oral fluid screens.

We offer more than 8000 collection sites nationwide and we can also set up onsite drug testing at your facility if  you plan on having a hiring event.  We're here to answer any questions you may have, just call 800-338-5515.