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Saturday, April 24 2021

Life After You’ve Had the Vaccine

With almost 50% of all U.S. adults being fully vaccinated at the time of this post, the end of the COVID-19 pandemic may seem like it's getting closer and closer. And while you are protected to a high degree from coronavirus approximately two weeks after receiving the vaccine, relaxing your precautions should be done gradually, not all at once.


Indeed, it's OK to start enjoying some of the activities that were put on hold about two weeks after you receive the final dose of a two-shot vaccine. If you receive a single-shot vaccine, the two-week countdown starts after the shot. Still, there are several unknowns that make it important to proceed gradually.

For example, while the early evidence shows that people are probably less likely to infect others with the virus once they are back summated, researchers don't know that for certain. And it is generally agreed that there is at least a slight risk of being able to pass the virus on.

If you’re fully vaccinated, it’s probably safe to gather indoors with people who aren’t vaccinated, as long as they’re from a single household and aren’t high for severe COVID-19. And spending time with others who are also vaccinated is even safer. In situations like this, you can even skip health precautions like wearing a mask and staying six feet apart from each other. If possible, however, medical experts are still recommending that meeting outdoors is safer than indoors.


For now, there are still a lot of people who do not have immunities to coronavirus or any of the variants, either from a vaccine or from having been infected, so it's important to continue being patient. Before much longer, we should see large-scale immunity across most of the population, allowing us to return to doing most or all of the things we’ve been missing for the last year.


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