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Saturday, October 22 2022

DOT vs. NONDOT Drug Screening

What's the difference between DOT and NONDOT Drug Screening?

The difference is it depends:

First difference is the DOT only allows 5 drugs to be tested on the DOT form.  The NONDOT form allows for many drugs to be tested.  Although NONDOT Employers may choose to only drug test for the same 5 drugs as DOT mandates.

Please see FAQs below for DOT vs NONDOT drug testing:

Can my NONDOT employees utilize a DOT form since most consider it the gold standard of drug testing? No they may not use the DOT form.  If they utilize the DOT form and the testing is not for DOT, the employer can be subjected to a $10,000 fine per occurence.

Can I test my DOT employees for more drugs than the DOT-5? Yes, you can however, if the DOT employee is to be tested for more than the DOT 5 panel, then the drugs tested that are NONDOT must be tested on the NONDOT form.  Any testing other than 5 panel on DOT employees should be mentioned in your durg and alcohol testing policy.

I don't wnat to be fined but I want my NON-DOT employees to have the same exact program as my DOT employees.  At WorkPlace Screening Intellegence that is easily accomplished.  Every non-DOT 5 panel is treated like a DOT 5 panel.  Each speciemn goes to a SAMHSA lab and follows the DOT cutoffs, as well we utilize a MRO on every screen.  An employer only needs to request a DOT 5 Panel look a like panel.


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