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Saturday, April 20 2019

Worried about the proliferation of Recreational and Medical Marijuana and how it affects your hiring practices and complying with the law?

There is an informative article written in  Please enjpy some exerpts below:

You need to make sure your HR Executives understand the specifics of the marijuana laws where you hire and staff employees.  California and Colorado don't offer protection to the marijuana user, however, Maine has protection for Medical Marijuana and has recently extended protection to recreational users as well.

Further you should work with your counsel with the exceptions that won't be made, even for Medical Marijuana.  That way you can let the employee know there is no accomodation available and perhaps a non-safety position maybe where the employee can be accomodated.  Be on the look out for court cases coming out of Connecticut and Delaware that found for the marijuana user.

You should be very specific as to which jobs won't be allowed with Medical Marijuana and other postions which can be accomodated.

There is a safety net with Federally regulated testing (DOT, FAA, FTA, etc...) and the employer has no worries with this type of testing.  Federal law is specific that no accomodation and zero tolerance from the Department of Transportation.

If you need help with your drug testing program contact us at 800-338-5515 or   You may also find more information about our service which will get your company and policy in compliance with marijuana state laws.  Click here for more information


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