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Sunday, February 09 2020

Employers sometimes ask why do I need to utilize a  Medical Review Officer (MRO)?  Why should I hire a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to handle my drug testing?  The TPA does so much more than acquiring the collection sites for convenient use by employees/applicants, finding  the right  laboratory  for processing via a lab that is qualified for the type of testing needed and selecting the proper MRO who is the gatekeeper for the Employer and Employee(s).

In this case, the Federal Court ruled in favor of the employee for gross invasion of privacy.

In this case that went badly wrong, the Employer acted as a medical professional.  Amongst the issues: Forcing the donor to sign a post-accident, bringing in empty prescription bottles and finally requesting to bring in actual prescriptions to be counted.  If the Employer was utilizing a professional TPA Organization (i.e., WorkPlace Screening Intelligence), we would have advised against all of the employer's actions.  

Make sure your drug testing TPA is a professional with knowledge of the industry and trends.  If you have any questions, we offer a complementary review of your testing program to find and mitigate unneccesary risk and find additional savings for your overall testing program.

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