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Saturday, March 21 2020

WSI offers Covid-19 Coronavirus screening.  We offer two distinct screening platforms including Laboratory based as well as a Point of Care Testing device which provides instant results within 3-10 minutes.

The Point of Care Testing device screens for Covid-19 Coronavirus.  The Point of Care Testing device offers the following benefits:

1. Instant results (3-10 minute result) for early and quick diagnosis

2. Positive tests need to be confirmed by medical professional and lab confirmation (similar to a pregnancy test).

3. Highly Sensitive and Specific with high accuracy (meaning most negatives are truly negatives and most positives are truly positive)

4. Can be done by whole blood, serum or plasma (We recommend whole blood finger prick process). 

The lab based test is a Nasal Swab by PCR Technology that screens for Upper Respiatory for the following:

Viral Targets (Influenza A&B, Covid-19 Coronavirus strains HKU1, NL63, 229E and OC43

Bacterial Targets

Fungal Targets

Please go to or call 800-338-5515 or

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