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Friday, April 24 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update 4-24-2020

US Active cases exceed 886,000, Deaths exceed 50,200 and Recovered cases exceed 85,900 and continue to grow.

Screening for COVID-19 Coronavirus, like handwashing and social distancing, is key to stopping the spread of the virus.  

How can WSI's Antibody testing assist employers*?

POCT Antibody Screening Kits Abilities:

  1. Provides screening that detect antibodies of those infected by COVID-19 Coronavirus that are symptomatic or not.
    1. Symptomatic
    2. Asymptomatic – experts predict up to 40% of those infected have no symptoms but, are spreading the virus.
  2. Provides screening that allows the healthy who are infected individual to be re-introduced in the workplace once they are healthy and have immunity.
  3. Provides security with employees and management that employer is concerned with health and safety of workplace and is addressing the issues of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

*POCT Antibody Screening Kits are Medical Professional Use only.  Must have a medical professional complete test.

For More information on WSI's COVID-19 Antibody Screening Kits, please call 800-338-5515 or or COVID-19 Coronavirus Screening 


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