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Sunday, April 26 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19 Update 4-26--2020

Active US Cases grow to over 960,000, Deaths have grown to over 54,200 and Recovered is growing quickly to 118,000.  The recovered continues to outpace the death growth.  This is the first time the recovered has doubled the death count.

City of Apopka will soon allow businesses to open who follow their Gold Star Standard program.  They have carefully  crafted a program using Center for Disease Control and the Federal Standards to keep the City of Apopka open and to protect its citizens.  The program includes 3 important standards to stop the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus:

1. PPE - Employees wearing Personal Protective Equiptment and other healthy initatives (Masks, handwashing, temperatures scans, etc...).    2. Screening - all employees will be screened for COVID-19.                                                                                                                                                              3. Tracing - Employers will keep track of those who were in their business.  This will allow immediate notification to those who were infected  and allow them to get isolated, treated and healthy quickly.

See Apopka Chief article 4-22-2020 for complete information on the City of Apopka's COVID-19 Gold Star Program.

WSI's COVID-19  Antibody Screening Kits allows employers to keep their workplace healthy by detecting the following affected by  COVID-19 when antibodies are present: 

 1.  Symptomatic employees who are infecting others.                                                                                                                                                                         2.  Asymptomatic employees who are infecting others.                                                                                                                                                                       3.  Previously COVID-19 infected employees who are now healthy and have antibodies indicating immunity.

For more information on WSI's COVID-19 Antibody Screening Kits COVID-19 Screening or 800-338-5515 or




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