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Tuesday, April 28 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19 Update 4-28-2020

COVID-19 cases have grown to over 1 Million.  Deaths now exceed  56,800 and Recovered continue to excel to over 139,000.

Screening is a key part to fighting the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.  Screening can help identify those with antibodies and isolate to flatten the growth curve:

     1.  Find those who are symptomatic and are spreading the virus

     2.  Identify those who are Asymptomatic and are spreading the virus.

     3.  Identifies when those who were infected are entering healthy stage and able to be re-intorduced into the workplace.

WSI offers COVID-19 Screening Kits.  Call 800-338-5515 or or WSI's COVID-19 Screening


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