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Monday, May 04 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19 Update 5-4-2020

Coronavirus Cases Over 1,188,000 cases, Deaths 68.606 and Recovered continues to grow to 178,594.  

Screening, like hand washing and social distancing, is integral part of fighting the Coronavirus infection spread.  WSI offers a COVID-19 Antibody screening program.  It helps employers detect those with antibodies that fit into one of the three categories below:

1. Symptomatic and spreading the virus.
2. Asymptomatic and spreading the viurs.
3. Previously infected and enterered or now entering the healthy and/or immunity phase.  These individual can be re-intorduced safely into the workplace.

For more information on WSI's screening program, call 800-338-5515 or or WSI COVID-19 Screening

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