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Thursday, July 16 2020

WorkPlace Screening Intelligence (WSI) announces new COVID-19 Testing Services.

WSI continues to offer FDA "Authorized" 10 and 15 Minute Results with Point of Care Testing.  WSI offers 2 of the 4 FDA kits that are "Authorized" from the Food and Drug Administation.  These kits can detect "Recent" Infection (IgM) as well as Healthy (IgG) antibodies.   This kit must be performed by a Medical Professional.  WSI can also provide the medical technician to facilitate testing.

New COVID testing services include Molecular Saliva Testing and Lab based Antibody Testing.  The Saliva Molecular testing is an alternative to the invasive nasal swabs and uses saliva.  The saliva test will detect if you are "Currently" infected or not.  Lab based antibody testing is done via finger prick and includes IgA, IgM and IgG.

Call WSI Today to schedule your testing today 800-338-5515.

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