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Thursday, November 25 2021

OSHA's new mandate to vaccinate or test for companies with 100 employees or more is on most employer's mind.   This document is 490 pages.  See below for some of the key considerations of the mandate.

First, employers need to choose whether they will force vaccinations or allow weekly testing and masking for the unvaccinated.

Second, they need to create a policy based on their decision.

Third, begin to collection vaccine information from employees and creat compliance for those who are tested weekly.

Employers are mandated to keep records of vaccines and weekly testing and must provide records upon request from OSHA.  

Solutions from WorkPlace Screening Intelligence (WSI):

We offer the following services to help you comply:

On-site professional testing to meet the weekly testing standard.

Provide OTC kits that you as the employer can proctor the employee testing.

Provide Proctoring of testing via video for each of your employees.

Provide application that allows the employer to manage vaccine records and weekly testing records.  The app will keep you in compliance with new OSHA mandate.  Employees or employer can upload vaccine records and testing records.  Lastly, the app can serve as an entry passport for employees at employer site.  See below for passport examples:


Employee has uploaded vacccines and are current with whatever booster shots that maybe required.

Employee or employer has uploaded the weekly testing record and employee has tested within 7 days since the previous test.

Call WSI today for more information about OSHA mandate, requirements and an application that is mobile and easy to maintain compliance.  800-338-5515.

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