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Tuesday, January 10 2023

DOT (Department of Transportation Physicals)

The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates transportation industries and issues driver licenses. They are responsible for keeping our roads and highways safe. Part of their job is making sure that drivers are physically able to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). That's where DOT physicals come in.


DOT physicals are required for anyone who wants to operate a CMV. The process is pretty simple - you go to a certified medical examiner, they check to see if you meet the standards, and then you're good to go. But what exactly do they look for? Let's take a closer look.

Why do you need a DOT physical examination?

One of the most important reasons to get a DOT physical examination is to ensure HR and risk management compliance. According to Department of Transportation regulations, any employee who drives a commercial vehicle must pass a DOT physical in order to do so safely. The physician conducting the exam will look for signs of medical conditions that might cause an unsafe operator or accident, such as sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, certain vision and hearing problems. Finding such issues early on can help employers reduce their HR and risk management liabilities by ensuring their employees are fit to perform their job duties safely and effectively.

What will the doctor look for during the examination?

During an examination, a doctor will look for any signs of existing or potential health concerns. They will ask questions about medical history, lifestyle, and current symptoms before performing a physical evaluation of the body. This could include measuring blood pressure, checking vision and hearing, assessing reflexes, and testing strokes. Depending on the condition being treated, the doctor may also conduct additional tests such as X-rays or laboratory analysis. Ultimately, a doctor’s goal is to diagnose any present problems and help their patient take necessary steps to maintain their overall wellbeing.

What can you expect during the vision test portion of the DOT physical exam ?

The vision test portion of the DOT physical exam requires all drivers to meet a basic standard of 20/40 visual ability. The test takes place during the physical examination and involves having each eye examined separately. This may include tests such as reading rows of letters, looking through Dr. Spot type charts, and measuring pupil reactions to different light exposures. Depending on how well the patient performs on these tests, corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses may be recommended to reach the 20/40 visual acuity needed by drivers. The provider will recommend additional examinations if they feel they are necessary in order for a person to reach the visual requirements set forth by the DOT exam.

How should you prepare for your upcoming appointment ?

Preparing for an upcoming appointment is an important step to ensure a successful visit. Researching information related to the appointment, such as the doctor's credentials, their office address and contact information will give you peace of mind and comfort during your visit. Identifying what goals you want to accomplish for the appointment can further help in properly communicating your needs and wants with the doctor. Writing down any questions you might have can help keep track of conversations and ultimately make sure that all topics are discussed without being interrupted by memory lapse. Gathering all relevant medical records, insurance cards and forms beforehand can save time during the actual meeting, allowing for more efficient use of time with the physician. Following these tips will guarantee a more productive appointment experience!

What if you are not able to pass the physical examination ?

Failing the physical examination can be a difficult situation to find yourself in. Not meeting the standards set out for you by health professionals can leave you feeling disheartened, frustrated, and low on confidence. But in these situations, it is important to remember that there may be several possible solutions. Finding guidance from medical professionals and nutritionists may help you make adjustments to your lifestyle so as to pass the physical exam. Making small changes over time may eventually see you passing with flying colours! Good luck!


You need to take a DOT physical examination if you are going to drive a commercial vehicle. The doctor will look for several things during the examination, including your vision. You should prepare for your upcoming appointment by being honest with your doctor and bringing any pertinent medical information. If you are not able to pass the physical examination, you may be referred to a specialist.

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