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Wednesday, January 18 2023

The FMCSA Clearinghouse is a  online database that will track commercial drivers' drug and alcohol test results and information on their violations.  This was introduced by the FMCSA on January 6, 2020.  This mandate affects all CDL holders who operate in interstate commerce, including truck drivers, bus drivers, and school bus drivers. The FMCSA says the purpose of the Clearinghouse is to "prevent unfit commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers from operating on our nation's roadways." Employers will be required to query the Clearinghouse for information on potential hires, and current employees will need to give consent for their employers to access their records. Let's take a closer look at what this new rule means for both employers and employees.

In this blog post you will learn:

1. What is the FMCSA Clearinghouse Mandate and what does it mean for trucking companies and drivers?

2. How will the Clearinghouse work and what information will be required from companies and drivers?

3. What are the benefits of the Clearinghouse for both trucking companies and drivers alike?

4. Are there any potential drawbacks to the new system that trucking companies or drivers should be aware of?

5. How can trucking companies prepare for the implementation of the FMCSA Clearinghouse mandate?


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Clearinghouse Mandate has been a hot topic amongst trucking companies and drivers lately. It requires these two parties to participate in an Annual and Pre-employment Query, which essentially are digital background checks for drivers. Annual queries, as the name suggests, must be done every year for all drivers currently employed by the trucking company and require information about their drug/alcohol violations within three years before hiring them or annually if already hired. Pre-employment queries are conducted prior to hiring a new driver, similarly, requiring information about their drug/alcohol violations over the three years prior. Companies and drivers will therefore be held accountable for any reported violations and the mandate promises safer roads in the future.


The Clearinghouse will act as an online database where employers and truck drivers can access and exchange information on drug tests, substance abuse trainings, drug and alcohol violations, and other industry-related matters. Employers must register with the Clearinghouse and provide detailed background information about their drivers - including first name, last name, driver’s license number, and other relevant details. Drivers must also enlist in the Clearinghouse and agree for third parties to review their records before they can take jobs or operate a commercial motor vehicle. In addition to providing authorization for reviews of one’s drug an alcohol testing violation history, records may include results from recent drug or alcohol tests administered by employers associated with the Clearinghouse registry. Given this new system of tracking data related to commercial motor vehicles and interstate commerce laws, companies and drivers can be sure that potential employers have access to all necessary safety-related information for making reliable hiring decisions.


The FMCSA's Clearinghouse was created to help trucking companies and drivers alike. This comprehensive system allows employers to verify the drug and alcohol testing status of potential job applicants. Drivers receive a secure online account from FMCSA, allowing them to keep track of their own drug and alcohol testing records that employers can then easily view. Employers are not just able to check for violations, but also to track employees' annual tests as part of their Return to Duty and Follow-up testing , which safeguards driver safety as well as that of other motorists on the road. This Clearinghouse is an invaluable tool for both parties by illustrating commitment to safety and regulations, improving overall efficiency.

Trucking companies looking to prepare for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Clearinghouse mandate can start by educating their employees on the new policy. The FMCSA rule requires employers to conduct annual queries and pre-employment queries on new hires in order to ensure that drivers haven’t committed a violation that would prevent them from operating commercial motor vehicles. In order to stay compliant, trucking companies will have to take full responsibility for implementing and training their staff members on what this rule requires of them moving forward. Establishing an efficient education program focused around the clearinghouse process will not only benefit the company but put them in good standing with the FMCSA when it comes time to review their records.


The FMCSA Clearinghouse is a new database that will track truck drivers’ drug and alcohol test results as well as their violations. The Clearinghouse will be implemented in an effort to make our roads safer by keeping drivers who have violated FMCSA regulations off the road. There are many benefits to the Clearinghouse, but there are also some potential drawbacks that trucking companies and drivers should be aware of. However, if trucking companies take the necessary steps to prepare for the mandate, they can ensure a smooth transition for their drivers and themselves.


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