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Sunday, January 22 2023

Rapid drug testing is becoming more and more popular in many industries, as employers recognize the numerous benefits it can bring to their workplaces. From increased safety to improved employee productivity, and quicker hiring decisons rapid drug testing offers a variety of advantages that any organization should consider.


Safety is perhaps the most important benefit of rapid drug testing. By quickly identifying employees or contractors who may be using drugs, businesses can take swift action to prevent potential accidents or injuries. This proactive approach allows organizations to protect their staff, customers and property from harm before it’s too late.

Rapid test allows for quider hifing and not losing your canidate to another company with quicker results.

Rapid drug testing also helps increase employee productivity by ensuring workers are not impaired on the job. With quicker test results, employers can quickly identify those who may be under the influence and remove them from the workplace if necessary. This helps to minimize potentially costly disruptions, as well as ensure that employees are focused and productive while on the job.


One popular type of rapid drug testing is Non-DOT (Department of Transportation) testing. This process involves a 5-panel urine test which tests for five substances: amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, marijuana and phencyclidine (PCP). Quick results can be generated in just 15 minutes or less, allowing employers to take immediate action as needed.

There are larger panels available and can test for many drugs that may not be in your current panel

In conclusion, it’s clear that rapid drug testing can bring numerous benefits to any organization. Quicker test results mean businesses can act quickly and decisively when it comes to keeping their work environment safe and productive. If you’re considering implementing a rapid drug testing program, Non-DOT testing is an excellent option to consider.

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