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On-Site Collections

There are several reasons why you may want to have a medical professional do on site testing.  If you're having a hiring event, we can be onsite to perform multiple tests for qualified applicants who agree to the tests. This will eliminate whether the candidate went to your chosen testing site or not.  On-site testing is a good option If you want to do random testing for your team with no loss of productivity by sending employees off site; it can also be effective for no advance warning to employees. 

Performing collections at your place of business or job site offers many benefits including improved productivity, simplified logistics, reduced travel expenses and the convenience of not having to coordinate the collection process.

Workplace Intelligence Screening offers 24/7 mobile, on-site collection services nationwide that can be ordered through our client portal or call for convenient scheduling.  We make it easier for you and your employees to provide urine, hair, oral fluid, or breath alcohol samples for testing.

On-Site Collections