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Point of Care Testing

Sometimes you have to know now!!  Point of Care drug testing allows you to have the answer instantly.  You can purchase a kit from Workplace Screening Intelligence or schedule an instant test to be professionally collected and tested at the numerous nationwide sites available.  Either way, you should always confirm with advanced confirmation.  At Workplace Screening Intelligence, we automatically confirm any questionable results with certified laboratories that use state of the art GCMS or LCMSMS confirmation methods.  The price of confirmation is included when you schedule a collection at one of the numerous sites available nationwide.

Workplace Screening Intelligence offers cost effective  Point of Care drug testing which identifies medication compliance, use of non-prescribed medications, and use of illicit drugs. It can help you know quickly if the donor is taking illicit drugs and/or prescription drugs .

If the POC test is positive, then further confirmation of the drug is included. In addition a further review by our Medical Review Officer to determine whether there is an alternative medical explanation for the drug found in the specimen.  

Point of Care Testing

Here's a comparison for Point of Care testing versus laboratory testing:

Point of Care Testing Advantages:

  • Convenient
  • Rapid
  • Less Expensive

Point of Care Testing Disadvantages:

  • Potential false-positives/negatives
  • Less sensitive
  • Higher cutoff
  • Results interpretation may vary by individual reading test
  • May only identify the class of opioids, not specific opioid in most cases

Laboratory Testing Advantages:

  • More precise
  • More sensitive
  • Able to detect more substances (can identify specific drugs, opioids, and their metabolites)

Laboratory Testing Disadvantages:

  • Takes longer
  • Less convenient
  • More expensive
  • Testing requires expertise instrumentation and trained staff