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Policy Development
Policy Development

Compliant Drug-Testing Policies - We Know How

  Having a clear and concise drug testing policy manual can protect your company and communicate clearly to your organization what they can expect in the way of pre-employment, random and "for cause," drug testing.  We offer our clients more than 25 years experience in the industry.

We Make It Easy

  Whether your company has a drug testing policy manual or not, Workplace Screening Intelligence can help you with reviewing and/or developing one for both  DOT and Non DOT testing.  We can set criteria for you for post accident testing, random testing policies and a pre-employment standards. 

  When it comes to a drug test company policy, If you think you may want to "wing it," consider the risk and liability you could be facing without one. 

The Hard Cost 

  • From 2014 - 2016 there was an average of 29 drug testing bills passed each year.  In 2016 alone, 34 drug testing bills were passed and 14 state amended their existing laws.
  • A leading national retail store paid $102,048 in monetary relief as a result of their failure to provide a reasonable accommodation for applicants or employees in the company's drug testing processes.
  • Non-compliance with DOT regulations is not only a safety hazard, consider this:  DOT employers are liable to the United States for a civil penalty an an amount not to exceed $10,000 for each offense.
  • In a California court case, the court reasoned that the random drug test administered violated a fundamental right to privacy, which is protected by the California Constitution, and therefore exceeded the risks and expectations inherent in the employment relationships.  The Plaintiffs were awarded approximately $15,000 each for non-economic damage.

The Cost To Your Reputation

   If you still think you can risk being non-compliant, can you afford the cost to your company's reputation?  In today's world, of fast paced information through social media, the cost of negative publicity from a high profile accident, data breach or court case is staggering for any company to bear.  Let our professional consulting team quickly and affordably update your existing policy or create a new policy.

  There are several considerations when developing your drug and alcohol testing program: 

  • Policy Purpose
  • Specimen Types
  • Department of Transportation
  • Mandatory State Laws
  • Marijuana State Laws
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Workers’ Compensation Denial/Reduction
  • Unemployment claims
  • Disability laws
  • Prohibited Conduct
  • Consequences