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What Experts Say
What Experts Say

Visit our Sister company Parent Drug Testing to discover what the Experts say about drug testing and adolescents.

Partnership For Drug Free Kids

Have a conversation never a confrontation.  You will also find a great guide from the Partnership For Drug Free Kids on the best ways to talk to your kids.

Early interventions is critical to preventing your adolescent from experimenting or worse a habit of drug and alcohol abuse.


The American Academy of Pediatrics

Visit to discover advice form The American Academy of Pediatrics, and other experts on when and best practices of drug testing your teen and when you shouldn't.

At Workplace Screening Intelligence and, we can help you with your sensitive and timely issue.  We can work with your pediatrician, should you choose, to privately and confidentially provide a drug screen that is carefully and professionally collected and tested at a certified SAMHSA Laboratory.  When you order a drug screen through, only you will have the results and can share with whom you choose to.

Please call or email if you have any questions or need additional information.