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Everything You Need to Know About WSI Screening: The Importance of Non-DOT Drug Test and Other Health, Wellness Testing and Titer Testing

In a constantly changing world, employee screening has become ever more important. Most companies now require potential employees to undergo Employee Screening, which includes Non-DOT and DOT Physicals, Non-DOT Drug Tests, Titer Testing, TB Gold Transferrin, and other Health and Wellness Tests. Whether you are an HR, Risk, Employer, or Transportation Company, WSI screening is something that you should consider for potential employees. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about WSI Screening and its importance to your organization.

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The Importance of Employee Screening

Perhaps you are wondering why you should bother with Employee Screening—for transportation companies, it’s a requirement to be compliant with DOT regulations but there are other reasons why Employee Screening  is important as well. WSI’s Employee Screening is an all-encompassing process that ensures the safety and health of your employees, which assures a healthy work environment. By conducting regular screening, we can detect undiagnosed medical conditions, preventing accidents and injuries, and creating a more productive work environment. In addition, it helps reduce insurance costs and keeps workplace insurance claims in check.

Non-DOT Drug Tests

One of the many types of tests that it includes is the Non-DOT drug test, which is designed to detect the presence of an illegal drug or the use of a prescription that is not medically necessary. While companies are required by Federal law to conduct drug tests for employees in sensitive positions, Non-DOT drug tests are useful for employers looking to conduct a more in-depth screening.

DOT Physicals

Another important aspect of Employee Screening is DOT Physicals. This type of physical is designed for all kinds of professionals, including commercial drivers, school bus drivers, and other safety sensitive transportation positions.  The test typically includes the screening of vision, hearing, blood pressure, urine tests, weight, and height. DOT Physicals are required every two years to maintain commercial driver’s license validity and are necessary to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations.  Less healthier individuals will need to repeat their physical every 90-365 days according to their health issue or until issue is treated and individual is deemed healthy.

Non-DOT Physicals

Non-DOT Physicals are essential for employees who do not require a DOT license. These tests typically include the screening of vital statistics, cholesterol, blood pressure, height, weight, and vision. It is essential to understand that these tests do not qualify as a medical assessment or clearance for employees seeking to work in a sensitive position but provide a general overview of the employee’s health that can be used to detect and resolve potential health-related problems.

Titer Testing and TB Gold Transferrin

Titer Testing and TB Gold Transferrin are specialized health and wellness testing that checks for specifically if an individual has immunity. Titer Testing is recommended for employees who work in the healthcare industry, while TB Gold Transferrin is a test that checks for tuberculosis, which is mandated by the CDC. Other titer testing includes: Varicella, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, MMR, Measles, Mumps Rubella, Big Titer (large panel of titer offerings) and others.  WSI offers a wide range of health and wellness tests that cater to the needs of employees who require specialized testing for their occupation.

Conducting Employee Screening is essential for the safety and health of your employees, which carries benefits for both the employee and the organization. Whether you are looking to conduct Non-DOT and DOT Physicals or Non-DOT drug tests, Titer Testing, TB Gold Transferrin, WSI has the latest and most advanced medical technology to conduct diagnostic and health and wellness exams. An MRO Medical Review Officer will analyze and report the test results to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local requirements. Our nationwide coverage means that we are just a phone call away, so why not order a test today? It’s time to leverage WSI Screening and ensure a safer, happier, and healthier workplace.  Contact our knowledgeable Support Staff today to order a test or ask questions about your employee screening program.  844-573-8378 or or press on link to order now: