DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

Workplace Screening Intelligence is a full-service DOT and NON DOT Drug Testing and related services. We offer the following services:

DOT and NON Drug Testing at over 20,000 electronically enabled sites which allows you to order today and complete test today.

DOT Physicals and NON DOT Physical

Motor Vehicle Records

FMCSA Clearinghouse Support

Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training and DER Training

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy Assistance

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Your safety-sensitive employees who are required to take drug and alcohol tests, can rely on the accuracy of Workplace Screening Intelligence. Our team of experts have decades of regulatory expertise to help you comply with strict DOT guidelines.

We make it convenient for drivers to submit to testing with more than 20,000 collection sites nationwide. We ensure your drug and alcohol testing program is reliable with sites that fully meets all requirements for the safety, privacy, security and integrity of the testing site and the testing process.

WorkPlace Screening Intelligence offers compliance programs for the following modes:



FAA U.S. Coast Guard

WorkPlace Screening Intelligence is your go-to source for DOT Drug Testing. We are industry leaders in the Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations, and our services extend beyond simply providing drug tests. Our team of experts can provide clear guidance on any compliance issues you may have during the testing process, as well as provide assistance if required for any audit situation or other regulatory requests. With a database of over 20,000 collection sites across the nation, our network ensures competent service availability at all times. Trust us to be your reliable partner in maintaining a knowledgeable and compliant workforce that meets DOT standards.

Get Expert Help for All Your DOT Needs with Workplace Screening Intelligence

At Workplace Screening Intelligence, we provide a comprehensive DOT drug testing service to make sure that your business is in compliance with regulations. We have extensive experience with drug testing and can ensure that your company is up to date on all the latest policies and procedures. With our service, you can have the peace of mind that your business is always in compliance.

Audit Assistance

Our team of experts at Workplace Screening Intelligence is here to provide audit assistance for all your DOT needs. We will help you prepare for any audit and make sure that all your paperwork is in order. Our audit assistance services are tailored to meet the needs of each of our clients, so you can be sure that your business is always audit-ready.

Policy Assistance

At Workplace Screening Intelligence, we also offer policy assistance to help ensure that your business is compliant with all DOT regulations. We have extensive experience helping businesses navigate the complex rules and regulations of DOT and can help provide you with the necessary guidance to make sure your business is up to date. With our policy assistance services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is always in compliance.


1. Accurate and comprehensive DOT Drug Testing, compliant with all state and federal regulations.

2. Audit Assistance to ensure compliance and accuracy of testing results.

3. Policy Assistance to provide guidance on the implementation of drug testing policies within the workplace.


1. Cost savings – our DOT Drug Testing services are accurate and efficient, helping you save time and money.

2. Peace of Mind – expert audit assistance will ensure that your workplace is compliant with all state and federal regulations for drug testing.

3. Easier Compliance – our policy assistance will help you quickly implement your drug testing policies in a hassle-free manner, ensuring clarity and accuracy from start to finish.

20,000 Plus Locations

Workplace Screening Intelligence offer DOT Drug testing and so much more. When you need us we are there with Audit Assistance, Policy Assistance and other DOT Services Offered. We offer drug testing, as well as alcohol testing at our 20,000 plus locations so your employees will have a site close to work or home. Our testing services are affordable We also provide DOT compliance assistance, so you can be sure you are following all the rules and regulations.

30 Years of Experience – It Matters: The Pillars of Trust in DOT Drug Testing and Business Safety Compliance

In the ever-evolving, high-stakes world of DOT Testing and  safety compliance, trust is non-negotiable. A company’s commitment to safety not only safeguards the well-being of its employees but also ensures public trust and confidence in its operations. For human resource and risk professionals, the maze of regulations and the vital importance of accuracy and timeliness in testing underscore the need for an unswervingly reliable partner. Enter a service with thirty years of experience, combining expertise and cutting-edge technology to not only meet but exceed those pivotal needs.

Navigating the Regulatory Waters with Seasoned Guidance

Experience isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a critical asset in an industry governed by the strict hand of federal regulations. In the realm of DOT drug testing, where noncompliance can spell disaster, a seasoned professional service provider is essential. Trusting a company with decades of experience means you have a partner that has seen it all, navigated the legalese, and fine-tuned their approach to a polished compliance dance.

Comprehensive Compliance:

The DOT’s drug testing and physical examination  regulations aren’t a stagnant set of rules; they evolve in response to emerging threats and improved detection methods. A 30-year veteran in the industry is proactive, not just reactive, constantly aligning their services with the latest mandates.

Risk Reduction:

Experience simultaneously means recognizing risk factors before they become issues and having mitigation plans in place. A seasoned provider can guide your internal processes to operate at a level that reduces your organization’s exposure to any possible liability.

Reliable Results:

When audits loom, reliability isn’t just desirable; it’s mission-critical. A company that has stood the test of time in the field of DOT drug testing has proven its ability to deliver results that adhere strictly to regulations while withstanding the scrutiny of any audit process.

Efficiency Through Technology: The New Frontier of Safety

While experience serves as the bedrock of trust, technology is the agile supplement that bolsters efficiency and accuracy. A confluence of seasoned proficiency and innovative solutions positions the new industry leader as a trusted guardian of safety, efficiency, and employee well-being. Our platform does not leave you guessing if you are in compliance.  At a moments notice you will know where you stand with compliance and what needs to be done to get in compliance should you not be 100% compliant.

Employee Onboarding – Simplified:

A crucial aspect of onboarding lies in the speed and ease with which new hires can undergo their requisite screening. Leading technology streamlines this process, locating the most convenient screening centers and expediting appointments.

Secure Remote Collection:

Additionally, the new face of convenience in drug testing is remote collection services—enabled by cutting-edge technology—bringing the test to the employee safely and efficiently, whether they’re at work, traveling, or at home.

Results and Reporting – Instantaneous:

The wait for results is typified by anxiety and operational standstill. Hence, our technology acceleraes result reporting to ensure that safety-sensitive positions are filled without delay.

A Personal Touch in a Technological World

While the digital leap has revolutionized the industry’s landscape, personal touch remains the lighthouse guiding the company through the turbulent waters of drug testing and beyond. With a client-focused approach honed by three decades of service, this human element ensures a partnership built on mutual understanding, trust, and respect.

Personalized Service:

No two clients are the same, and a deft blend of technology and personal service tailors the testing program to each client’s specific needs, all while providing the reassuring touch that technology alone cannot.

Clients as Partners:

In the mindset of the experienced service provider, clients are not patrons but partners in a shared goal of workplace safety. Collaboration and communication foster a relationship that is more than transactional—it’s a trust in action.

Accessible Expertise:

The impacts of safety compliance are not confined to office hours, and neither is the support of a reliable partner. Accessibility to experts when it’s needed most affirms the client’s trust in the service provider’s commitment to their safety and success.

Conclusion: 30 Years and the Unyielding Pledge of Trust

The interplay between technological innovation and time-tested service cultures is what infuses the modern DOT drug testing industry with a sense of trust and reliability. For HR and risk professionals, choosing a partner is more than a business decision—it’s a commitment to the well-being of your team and the sanctity of your organization’s operations.

With three decades of experience, our service stands as a beacon of safety and efficiency, embracing the future without sacrificing the values that make us a trusted guide in an area fraught with challenges. As the sentinel of your company’s values and compliance, our combined prowess in experience and innovation stands ready to meet your needs, protect your people, and ensure your operations sail smoothly, free from the storms of noncompliance.

In this ultimate pursuit, there’s more than peace of mind; there’s a track record of excellence, a portfolio of satisfied customers, and a legacy of commitment you can lean on as you steer through the global currents of business. Reach out, and take our hand—we guarantee you’ll feel the steadiness of decades-long experience coupled with the agility of the modern technological edge. It’s not just another partnership; it’s the start of a safer, more secure tomorrow for your organization.

What Our Customers Say About WSI:

Matthew W gave us a 5 star review and stated:  “Phil and his team at Workplace Screening provide the best and most comprehensive options for all your medical testing needs. He is also more available and flexible than any other testing place in the USA. That includes, covid testing, metabolic panels, drug screening, etc. His team will find a way to make it easy for you or your company to get the screening you need done. If you are looking for value, no other company provides more than Workplace Screening”.

Jordan gave us a 5 Star Google Review and Stated: Best customer service around! I feel bad because I forgot her name but the young lady that assisted me was absolutely amazing and friendly! We got the test done right away and it was a smooth process!

Angie K gave us a 5 Star Google Review and Stated: Phil has always made our testing so convenient. Highly recommend Workplace Screening Intelligence.

Helen L gave us a 5 Star Google Review and Stated: Professional and selfless! Thank you for fitting us into your schedule allowing us to travel next day!

Robert F gave us a 5 Star Rating and Stated: Phil over there runs the show & what a great frontline representative this company has in him. Always cheerful, ready to accommodate – he is a sincere pleasure to work with. Can’t say have had better service anywhere else. If he ever wants to change his line of work, I would happily welcome him!

Pete S. Gave us a 5 Star Google Review and stated: Phil and his staff are incredible! They are extremely professional and compassionate. I recommend them to all of my colleagues, family, and friends.

Michael W. Gave us a 5 Star Rating and stated: Thank you for your service to the Apopka and West Orange County community. We were very satisfied with your services!

Don M gave us a 5 Star Google Review and Stated: Workplace screening really made things easy when it came to finding a local 5 DOT drug screening location for my son entering mariner school. They fully educated me on the process, made the appt and I received the necessary college paperwork immediately. I would definitely use them again.

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