Wellness Testing

Clinical Laboratory Wellness Testing is an effective way to monitor the health of your employees and loved ones. Laboratory testing can help identify one’s risk of developing chronic diseases, as well as detect existing conditions that may be lurking under the radar. It can also provide insights into how lifestyle choices are impacting overall health. Essentially, Wellness testing provides information that can empower and improve individual and workplace health.

At WorkPlace Screening Intelligence, we offer a variety of laboratory tests for both employers and individuals. From basic health screenings to more specific assessments, our testing options provide comprehensive information about an individual’s overall wellbeing. 

We remove the hassle from Laboratory Wellness testing. We provide a medical order for lab testing as well as a location to be collected near you. For employers, Laboratory Wellness Testing can help you maintain a healthy workforce. We offer custom-tailored packages that are designed to meet the needs of your specific business. Our comprehensive testing solutions can help you identify potential health risks among employees, as well as detect existing conditions that may require further medical attention. 

For individuals, Laboratory Wellness Testing offers a convenient way to stay ahead of health issues before they arise. With our testing packages, individuals can get the peace of mind they need to make informed decisions about their wellbeing and monitoring health trends between visits to their physicians.. By utilizing our Laboratory Wellness Testing, individuals can stay on top of their health and receive proactive care when needed. 

At WorkPlace Screening Intelligence, we are committed to providing the highest quality testing solutions for employers and individuals alike. Our experienced staff will work with you to tailor a wellness package that meets your specific needs. So contact us today to start receiving the proactive care you need to stay healthy and happy!

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