Random Pool Templates and Secure File Upload

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2024 Random Rates:

FMCSA Random Rate50%10%
FAA Random Rate25%10%
FRA Random Rate – Covered Service25%10%
FRA Random Rate – Maintenance of Way25%10%
FRA Random Rate – Mechanical50%25%
FTA Random Rate50%10%
PHMSA Random Rate25%NA

Random Program Management

Workplace Screening Intelligence Random Drug Testing Overview  

Random drug testing is a method of testing employees for drug use without notice or warning. This method of testing is typically used in the transportation industry as it is mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and other DOT Modes. The goal of random drug testing is to deter drug use among employees and ensure that employees are fit for duty.  

Standalone Pool vs. Consortium Pool  

Random drug testing is done through either a standalone pool or a consortium pool. A standalone pool is a testing program where an employer has its own pool of employees to draw from for random testing. A consortium pool is a group of employers who combine their employees in a single testing pool, which can make it easier to meet FMCSA testing requirements.   Workplace Screening provides both Standalone pools and consortium pools.  Smaller employers may benefit from consortium if they don’t have enough employees to stop over selection of employees.  Larger employers may want to use Standalone pool to be completely in charge of compliance.  

Random Drug Testing Program Cost and Benefits

Inputting employees into a Random Standalone pool  is $200.00 per year for the entire company and a charge for each employee to include random drug testing lab, MRO and collection of specimen.  This means the employer can choose to pay random pool fee and for each random test or have the choice to pay a flat fee per employee to include all random test and pool fee.  

Services that are included in the Workplace Screening Intelligence Random Program: 

 Notice to Upload Random Pool Quarterly

Best in Class Random drug testing providers typically notify employers to upload their random pool quarterly. This notification should include instructions on how to upload employee data and ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations. Employers who fail to upload their pool on time may face penalties and fines.  

Uploading Employee Data Quarterly  

Employers must upload their employee data quarterly to their random pool. This data should include all employees who are subject to testing, including new hires and those who were previously excused from testing. Workplace Screening Intelligence can assist in uploading this data, ensuring that it is done correctly and on time. Workplace Screening Intelligence will upload the information to the system once you provide us with the data for all employees in the random pool.  

Excusing Acceptable Selections and Providing Alternates  

Some employees may be excused from random drug testing due to medical reasons or other valid excuses. Workplace Screening Intelligence can assist in identifying acceptable selections and providing alternates to ensure that employers are meeting FMCSA testing requirements.  

Audit Support and General Compliance Advice  

Workplace Screening Intelligence can also provide audit support and general compliance advice. This includes preparing for FMCSA audits, answering questions about compliance, and ensuring that programs are up to date with current regulations.   As an employer or transportation company, ensuring a safe workplace environment free from drug and alcohol abuse is essential. Random drug testing is a proven method for deterring drug use among employees and ensuring that they are fit for duty. By utilizing the services provided by Workplace Screening Intelligence, employers and transportation companies can be sure that their random drug testing program is compliant with FMCSA regulations and maintain a drug-free workplace. Remember, it is not only your legal obligation but also your moral responsibility to keep your employees and the public safe.

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