Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Training

A very Important part of any Drug Testing Program –is the Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training. It empowers supervisors and managers to maintain a drug free workplace and keep the workplace safe as well including employees and customers. Reasons you need the Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Training:

Empowers Managers and Supervisors to keep a drug free workplace, mitigate risk and ensure the safety of the workplace. More importantly, it gives them the knowledge and power to be effective decision making with drug and alcohol testing and abuse.

Reduced accidents – Lets face it as Supervisor are the front line of the empowering the drug free workplace benefits. If they can’t recognize the signs and symptoms or don’t know how to speak with an employee who is manifesting signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, your drug free program is worth much less and your accident rate will likely increase due to drug and alcohol abuse being missed in the workplace.

DOT Mandated Training. Every DOT Supervisor is mandated to a two hour course on signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse. FAA mandates refresher training as well.

Supervisor Training increases employee productivity, morale. reduces absenteeism, and lessens the chance of a workplace accident or fatality. Obviously, reduces your worker’s compensation rating and provides cost savings.

Introduces and make comfortable with the terminology of drug and alcohol testing as well as DOT rules and regulations.

Reporting and documentation related to reasonable suspicion testing. The training will include how to document the necessary information to be successful.

One wrong decision by an uneducated Supervisor, can cost a company millions if taken to court over a wrong decision about reasonable suspicion testing.

Our Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Training program offers the following benefits:

DOT and State Compliant

Live Customer Support as needed

Access our program anywhere and anytime via the internet

Training Certificates are available

One low cost for a license that allows as many supervisors, managers and others to watch as many times as they wish. Our cost for all supervisors is about equal to what our competition charges for 2 supervisor’s license.

If you need Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Training, please contact our Support Staff today at 844-573-8378 or or press this link to purchase the program now.