Banking Employee Screening

Banking Employee Screening

Why Bank and Financial Services Employee Screening is Critical

The banking and financial industry is a vital component of the global economy. In recent years, the sector has undergone significant changes, including an increase in competition, rapid technological advancements, and changes in customer behavior. Without any doubt, the industry is becoming increasingly complex, and the need for reliable, trustworthy, and highly skilled employees has never been more critical. One of the significant challenges that employers in the banking and finance industry face is employee screening. With the ever-increasing cases of drug and alcohol abuse globally, it is crucial that employers conduct thorough employee screening, and that’s why we are exploring Bank and Financial Services employee screening.

Employee screening has become a common practice in almost all sectors of the economy, and the banking and financial industry is not an exception. The screening process seeks to identify potential drug users or individuals struggling with addiction before they join the workforce. It is particularly important in the financial services and banking industry as It is well known that drug and alcohol abusers steal mostly from their family, employer or their community.  The most common tools used in the screening process are drug tests, which include the 5 panel drug test, 10 panel drug test, oral fluid drug testing, and hair drug testing. The five-panel test screens for opiates, PCP, cocaine, amphetamines, and marijuana, while the ten-panel test screens for barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, methaqualone, and propoxyphene, in addition to the substances tested for with the five-panel test. Oral fluid drug testing is another popular method, and it involves the collection of a saliva sample that is then analyzed for various drugs. On the other hand, hair drug testing involves the collection of a hair sample and is excellent in detecting substances consumed within the last 90 days.

Employers continue to be concerned about drug test cheating.  The oral fluids and hair test are becoming very popular due to the way both methods have a dignified  observed collection.  The oral fluids and hair follicle test allow to stop cheating without having to watch the individuals urinate in a cup.  Interestingly, oral fluids may produce more positives than urine.  Many believe it is due to cheaters being thwarted and the ability to pick up recent use more so than urine testing.

Apart from the above tests, employers in the banking and financial industry are also encouraged to conduct drug and alcohol supervisor training. The training sessions equip supervisors with the skills and knowledge to identify signs of drug and alcohol abuse, guide employees through treatment, and handle cases of addiction sensitively. Such training is beneficial to both the supervisors and employees since it could help save lives.

In addition to drug and alcohol tests, bank and financial services employers may also need to non-dot physicals. Non-dot examinations cover a wide range of medical conditions, including hearing and vision, blood pressure checks, and an overall physical assessment. On the other hand, non-dot physicals are meant for individuals that are not required to undergo Department of Transportation DOT physicals.

Furthermore, background checks are essential for employers in the banking and financial industry. A thorough background check can reveal any criminal history or other negative aspects of a candidate’s past that may be unattributed to other employment considerations. Negative information can include financial irregularities, history of fraud, or undisclosed civil actions. Any of these can raise red flags for bank employers, and failure to conduct proper background checks can lead to civil liability in the event of an employee’s misconduct.

The banking and financial industry is a vital component of the global economy that requires highly skilled and trustworthy employees. With the ever-increasing cases of substance abuse globally, employers in this industry face unique challenges in ensuring that their employees are drug-free and comply with ethical standards. However, with the help of drug tests, drug and alcohol supervisor training, non-dot, non-dot physicals, and background checks, employers can ensure that their employees are fit for duty, qualified, skilled, and have the necessary good judgment to represent themselves, their employers, and their profession positively. By prioritizing employee screening, employers can maintain high standards and safeguard their reputation, ensuring that they thrive even in today’s increasingly complex and constantly evolving business landscape.

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