FMCSA Clearinghouse Update

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 FMCSA announced that FMCSA Clearinghouse Queries will now allow notification to employers for up to 12 months post query should the employees status change.  That is a vast difference compared to 30 days in the past.  The Clearinghouse announcement was made on March 8, 2023.  Both pre-employment and annual queries are now under the 12 month extension.  Employers will be emailed and the Query History will be updated when new information is found.

Will the employer automatically have the information available?  Yes once the driver provides his consent.  
What type of new information will be available?  See list below for possible change in driver information:
Change in Return to Duty Status
A removed violation
New violation  
How soon is the employer required to perform a follow-on query?  24 hours.   Will the employer be charged for the follow-on query? No.  
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More details are available on the FMCSA Clearinghouse website How is an employer notified of changes to a driver’s Clearinghouse record? What actions should an employer take if notified of a change to a driver’s Clearinghouse record? Which Clearinghouse users are notified when there is a change to a driver’s Clearinghouse record? What is the annual requirement for employee queries and how is it tracked?