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Random Drug Testing


Random drug testing is one of the best ways to ensure a "Drug free Workplace." It can help with preventing workplace drug abuse, especially when it is done on a random but regular basis.  When you promote that your random testing policy employees are reminded that they could be asked to submit to a drug test at any time, "without advance warning."  Customers often tell us employees who get selected for random testing tell multiple co-workers about their experience, thus reminding other employees they could be selected at anytime.  It's a great deterrent because employees fear of being caught and potentially losing their job and income. 

 Regular random drug testing can:

  • Reduce accidents on the job and prevent injuries
  • Prevents employees from doing drugs on the job
  • Reduces employer liability
  • Creates a fair and equal drug testing system for all employees

Our team has over 100 years experience in drug testing industry and can help you with your random drug testing policy and procedures.  We suggest random selections and testing should be performed at least quarterly. 


Random Drug Testing