Need a Titer Test Near Me

Need a Titer Test Near Me? Your Comprehensive Guide

Are you a healthcare professional or medical student seeking to understand and locate titer testing services? Chances are the phrase “Need a titer test near me” has crossed your mind on more than one occasion. Whether it’s for compliance with hospital or school immunization requirements, or for monitoring the effectiveness of a vaccine, titer tests play a critical role in ensuring health and safety in medical and health-related fields.

In this guide, we will break down the different types of titer tests—including Hep A Titer, Hep B Titer, Hep C Titer, Varicella Titer, MMR Titer, TB Test, and more—explaining their importance, how they differ, and where you can find a reliable laboratory test near you.

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Understanding Titer Tests and Their Importance

Titer tests are blood tests conducted to measure the presence and levels (titers) of antibodies in your blood. These antibodies are part of your immune system’s response to infectious diseases, whether through exposure or vaccination.

Types of Titer Tests

Hep A, B, and C Titer

These titer tests determine immunity to the hepatitis viruses. The Hep A Titer and Hep B Titer tests are commonly required for healthcare professionals as they are at increased risk of exposure. The Hep C Titer test is often performed to check for immunity or for previous exposure to the virus.

Varicella Titer

The Varicella Titer test checks for immunity to chickenpox (varicella zoster virus), a requirement for those working in close proximity to vulnerable populations.

MMR and MMR Titer

The MMR Titer tests for measles, mumps, and rubella. Measles outbreaks have reinforced the need for vigilance on proof of immunity, especially among healthcare providers.

TB Test and TB Transferrin Gold

The TB Test is utilized to identify the presence of tuberculosis infection. Unlike the traditional 2 step TB skin test, the TB Transferrin Gold test is a blood test that provides a more definitive result without the need for multiple clinic visits.

Big Titer

Big Titer is a term that includes a large number of titer test. 


The CMP s (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile) includes an array of tests that give a broad picture of an individual’s metabolic function and health status.

What is a CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile)?

The Comprehensive Metabolic Profile is a lab test that measures glucose level, kidney and liver function, and electrolyte and fluid balance. Healthcare professionals use the CMP to monitor existing conditions, such as hypertension or diabetes, and to check on the effects of medications.

Finding a Titer Test Near You

If you need a titer test, you have come to the right place.  Workplace Screening Intelligence offers titer testing at over 3,500 testing locations.  Each of these locations are electronically enabled.  That means you can order a titer test today and be able to complete today or at your convenience.

Home Health Care Testing

If you are a Home Health Care Testing Company, we have all the testing items from one place.  No longer will you have to order from multiple sources.  We can electronically order all of your services for one place.  That means we will locate a testing location near your workplace or near your employees home. Workplace Screening Intelligence also has a nationwide Medical Prescribing ability so we can locate,  order and report from any state in the nation without you having to utilize a physician for the orders. We offer the following services that makes it convenient to hire a new home health care employee or to retest current employees as needed:

Titer Testing

Drug Testing


  • DOT Physicals
  • Non DOT Physicals
  • Lift Test
  • Vision Test and ISHIHARA Vision Test
  • Respirator Physicals
  • Background Screens

What our customers say about Workplace Screening Intelligence. Angie K gave us a 5 Star rating and said, “Phil has always made our testing so convenient. Highly recommend Workplace”. To see all reviews:

What to Expect During a Titer Test

Titer testing, much like any other blood test, involves a quick blood draw from a vein, usually in your arm. After the sample is collected, it is sent for analysis to measure the antibodies against specific viruses or bacteria.


Q: Is a titer test painful?

A: You may feel a quick pinch from the needle, but the blood draw procedure is typically brief and any discomfort should be minimal.

Q: How long does it take to get titer test results?

A: Results may vary from one laboratory to another, but typically, it can take anywhere from a two days to a week. Typical titers can be reported in a day, however more esoteric test like Transferrin Gold TB Test can take as long as a week due to incubation methods.

Q: What do my titer test results mean?

A: If your titer levels are above a certain threshold, this typically indicates immunity. Your healthcare provider can interpret what the results mean for your individual health and safety.

Q: Do I need a titer test even if I’ve been vaccinated?

A: Yes, in some cases. Titer tests confirm whether the vaccination was effective and whether your body has developed sufficient immunity. Each state has different rules and  regulations for titer testing requirements.

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Locating a “titer test near me” is an essential step for healthcare professionals and medical students in ensuring compliance and protecting both their health and the health of those they serve. Understanding the various titer tests—from “Hep A Titer” to “TB Transferrin Gold”—provides insight into your immune status and allows for appropriate preventive measures to be taken.

In the age of convenient healthcare access, finding a “laboratory test near me” for these important immune status checks is more accessible than ever before. Maintain your health, ensure patient safety, and confidently meet your clinical requirements by staying informed and proactive about titer testing.

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